Council 70 Scholarship Awards for 2020-2021

It is with great pleasure that the Valladolid Council No. 70, Knights of Columbus and Arthur Cunningham Trust Scholarship Program announce the award winners for this coming academic year.  They are:

Ms. Sydney Marie Field
Ms. Cynthia Beatriz Rodriguez
Mr. Jack Raymond Gallant                     
Ms. Yaquelin Lilliana Alas Alvarenga
Ms. Taylor Victoria Darcy
Ms. Sidney Denham
Ms. Odilia Floridalma Mendez
Ms. Brianna Gabriella Bardales
Ms. Arianna Marie Alberti
Ms. Sovany Dy
Ms. Ryya Chek
Mr. Brandon Ramirez Ixcoy
Mr. Matthew Greg  Imbriano
Ms. Sydney Marie Zukas
Ms. Chloe Solange  Kebreau
Mr. Isa Kamulegeya
Ms. Anna-Marie Alukonis
Ms. Ravyn Violet Rapley
Mr. James Edward Pettipas
Mr. Ryan Zollo Ms. Ashley Jenkins
Ms. Chloe Penelope Nevers
Mr. Sean Michael Calnan
Mr. Brandon Donahue
Mr. Dylan Jenkins
Ms. Katelyn Jeanine O’Neill

This year we distributed $30,700.00 in scholarship awards to this excellent group of applicants. We are especially pleased to have presented an award to the grandson of our dearly missed and all-too-soon departed Past Grand Knight, Doug Johnson. 

Our process requires students to provide us a completed official application, an up-to-date official transcript of marks, and an index copy of the completed Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA), all to be received in a timely manner. A critical review of each applicant’s submission takes place by our board members, and the very important input provided by the local guidance officers, without whose assistance this would be a much more difficult and less informed process.  This year was an especially difficult one given that schools closed in March (but our guidance officers continued to labor along!).  Our inability to gather together in our usual manner for the review process was severely hampered by the COVID-19 restrictions in place.  But thanks to multiple conversations and communications among the Lynn School’s guidance officers and our scholarship committee members, the diligent independent review work of our board – especially the stellar efforts of Dan Lemenager and Brian Darcy – who helped us flesh out quality young people with good heads on their shoulders and a bright future ahead of them.  And certainly, this work and its results could not have been successful without the significant interest and overtime efforts of our excellent group of Lynn Public School’s guidance officers, namely Mr. Matt Wilkins of Lynn English High School, Ms. Donna Doucette of Lynn Classical High School, and Mr. Brian O’Connell of Lynn Vocational and Technical Institute. Our sincere thanks go to each of these fine and dedicated educators.

And then, thanks to the financial resources at our disposal, the ability to provide some measure of monetary assistance to these fine students ( I need to add: There is never enough money to go around!), the funds that we provide in most cases provides important, if only partial relief of the excessive burden on students and their families as they attempt to meet a large amount of unmet financial need.  Unmet need, if you have forgotten or not yet experienced this process, is that amount between the student’s tuition, fees, and board bill, reduced by scholarship awards, work/study grants by the school, and government [state and federal] tuition aid programs.  It is very important to note that 90% of all students’ full financial needs are never fully met.  Parents and the students themselves must then borrow or pay out of personal resources the balance and hope they can continue to do so for the length of the student’s college career.

It is our privilege at the Valladolid Council Knights of Columbus Scholarship Program to participate in this modest but meaningful way to help young men and women and their parents start out on this academic road that is perilous and too frequently littered with obstacles large and small.

So, if you know any of these award winners, be sure to say hello to them and tell them you are a proud member of the Knights of Columbus Council No. 70, and wish them well in their academic pursuits.

And we, its scholarship board members, thank you for the trust you have placed in our efforts.

Respectfully submitted,

Brian Magrane, James Smart, Daniel Lemenager, Brian Darcy,
Valladolid Council No. 70, Knights of Columbus
Scholarship Program Board of Governors